5 patients you will always meet in the emergency room on weekends.

It’s the weekend not a life-end.

So it’s the weekend, yayy! Happy mood   activated for many especially those who only work on weekdays.  The week might have been rough or smooth, successful or a failure but it’s the end and it’s time to let your hair down and forget your worries. I get it… It’s the relaxing part of the week and you should be excited!

But this excitement has so many a time been expressed in unhealthy ways that has caused a lot of people more harm than good sending them straight to the emergency room. These7 patients who are constantly seen in the emergency room on weekends are the result of unhealthy weekend choices.

1. The drunk  (Alcohol withdrawal syndrome )

This patient is always seen at the emergency room on weekends.  This patient comes in different forms and type from men, women, corporate and otherwise. They drink locally made beverages and foreign spirits. One thing they have in common is their inability to assess and control thier drinking.

Alcohol has it’s effects but a little control keeps it in check. The emergency room will be a little less choked if you exercised some this weekend.

2. The forgetful Diabetic  (Hypoglycaemia /Hypoglycaemia )

Chronic conditions need a lot of attention and consistency to keep your numbers down to a healthy level.  For the diabetic, watching your diet and taking your medications daily is needed to prevent an episode of either hypoglycaemia (a low blood sugar level)  or hyperglycaemia (a high blood sugar level).

But the weekend is filled up for this diabetic; from weddings, to funerals and other engagements which causes them to forget to eat, check their blood sugar or  take their medication leading to hypoglycaemia. And for the other,  the excitement causes them to over eat or eat what they are not supposed to,  leading to hypoglycaemia.

Regardless of which episode,  this  patient is always present in the emergency room on weekends.

But you don’t have to be. It’s just the weekend, take some time to take care of your health.  I promise it will be worth it.

3. The bar fighter ( injuries on the body)

Alcohol intoxication  has a way of playing with the mind and your emotions. This patient normally comes with injuries ranging from a bleeding eyebrow, an amputated ear (one ear cut off ), broken skull, broken ribs from broken bottles and the list goes on.

This patient only comes in one gender and that is males. The reasons are varied but mostly, arguments gone bad. What’s important is the underlying cause : alcohol intoxication.

Most of these patients go home handicapped, scarred, and some do not get to go back home making the weekend their life-end.

Responsibility is a necessary choice especially when you decide to dink alcohol. Leave early to prevent over indulgence.

4. The unknown patient (Knock down)

This particular pattent may or may not have championed the weekend fun, they are often pedestrians who meet drink drivers, or drivers speeding to their destinations or sadly, spare drivers who are just excited to sit behind the wheel of their master’s car.

The weekend although relaxing can also be dangerous if met with such drivers on the road. The unknown patient is brought to the emergency room without a name because they are mostly unconcious and could remain that way for days. Their lives are then left in the hands of whoever brought them to the emergency room be it the driver or a good samaritan.

A greater percentage of this category of patients experience poor health outcomes due to unavailable funds, family, or lacking advocates to fight for them.

You see, the unknown patient could be anyone and it’s all because of careless acts in the name of weekends.

5. The unpopular referral 

This last patient could be the most vulnerable the five to suffer for the weekend sake. The patient referred on a weekend is beva use it’sa weekend is the most popular of the reasons for referrals although not stated on their card. The state of health of the patient and the documented note for referring says it all.

The patient suffers, the family becomes anxious, cost increases and work load at the emergency room doubles all in the name of weekend fun and relaxation.

Just saying, the emergency room will less choked, mistakes largely reduced, care hugely improve, patients greatly satisfied and health in all protected if you just made the weekend a health concious one.

After all it’s just the weekend , not a life-end!


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