Strong Hearts on Attack. (No. 1 disease every man should prevent and how to prevent it.)

The health of men have always taken a back bench to women and children’s health in our societies mostly because this gender is seen and portrayed to be strong and incapable of weakness especially in the African part of the world including Ghana. Even though this culturally induced thought is changing with time, men’s health is still struggling partially because the average man would rather learn about the latest technology and seek care for his car rather than his health.

But with Cardiovascular disease as the number 1 cause of death among men, it has become life saving to master this condition to preserve your life. Now that you know, let’s get started.

First things first, what is this cardiovascular disease (CVD) giving men a run for their lives?

Well, CVD is any disease that affects the heart and blood vessels. It is also called Heart disease. There are different types of heart diseases, a common example is Heart attack.

 What causes Heart diseases? To avoid a heart disease, you would have to know what causes it. There are three   (3) main causes of heart diseases which are;

1. High blood pressure

2. Elevated LDL Cholesterol levels

3. Too much Alcohol use

Other risk factors of heart disease are

Obesity, Diabetes, Genetic exposure, smoking, air pollution, lack of physical activity.


For today we’ll be focusing on the top cause of heart disease which is;


High blood pressure is a consistent  blood pressure  reading of more than 140/90mmHg for a number of weeks. That means a single BP check of 140/90mmHg does not really mean a you  have a high BP.

What it means to have a high blood pressure is that, the blood vessels in your body experiences a strain which affects its flow and work. if this is not resolved early, it can cause a heart attack or stroke which is as a result of the heart working more than it should to compensate for the inadequate blood supply.

How do you know if you have blood pressure? (signs and symptoms)

Having blood pressure does not really come with symptoms except for the sign of an elevated BP. That said, there has been complaints from people experiencing a high BP who experienced severe headaches. This is the reason why some call it the silent killer.

What causes high blood pressure in someone?

High blood pressure can be caused by a number of things, there is no particular cause of high BP between two people. What causes someone to have a high BP might be different from what causes another to experience high BP.

  • Too much stress: Stress is something that causes an elevation in one’s blood pressure. People who work in stressful environments like banks, and organizations with deadlines to meet and huge work load are at greater risk of getting their BP high.
  • High salt intake: Taking in too much salt can also increase your BP because of the sodium content in it. Especially for older people and men above 40years.
  • Inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins that is good for the overall health of the human body. Therefore it is important to cultivate a fruit eating habit and an adequate inclusion of vegetables in your diet.
  • Inactivity: People in the corporate pool are more liable to this risk because of the nature of their work. The practice of sitting behind your desk for hours without any extra activity and driving in and out of the house always with very little walking increases your risk of high BP.
  • Too much Alcohol intake: excessive alcohol intake also influences one’s risk of having high BP.
  • A family history of high blood pressure: Anyone who’ s family has a history of high BP in it is at risk of getting it too.
  • Age: As one gets older, you become more susceptible to high BP especially if you are some one who has led an unhealthy lifestyle with regards to all that have been mentioned above.


How can one prevent High BP?

  • Increase your physical activities. Walk more, run, join a keep fit club or your local gym.
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthy balanced diet.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • find out about your family health history if there has been a family member in your bloodline with a high BP.




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