4 things I recommend every new mother should have at arm’s length

Babies are a joy and a blessing from God. They bring with them a breadth of peace and fulfillment to a home. But they also come along with a new  sense of responsibility and attention to the parents especially the mother. Taking care of a new born can be stressful and particularly frustrating if as a mother cannot find the right things to cater for the needs of the baby or do not know which is best.

Being a new mom can mean getting a lot of advice, trying out a number of things, being disappointed with a lot of the things/products on the market. That is why, I decided to give this gift to my fellow new moms to help ease the stress by telling you about 4 products I keep close to allow for easy reach because they have shown to be very useful, and the best I’ve come across.

  1. Johnson’s cotton buds: Yes I know what you may be thinking….”a cotton bud, really?”. But just give me a minute to tell you why its my favourite. The Johnson’s cotton buds have a level of smoothness to their buds that I don’t see in others. They are neatly wrapped around the rubber stick which makes it easy and comfortable to use on your baby. They also come in neatly covered containers with clearly writing instructions on how to use them on the baby. I’m sure there are mummies like myself who didn’t know about dirt in between baby’s fingers and toes and around the outer ear and nose. But I do now and I’m able to easily remove the dirt without causing any discomfort to my baby. Go Johnsons!
  2. Milk of Magnesia by STARWINS: Babies are prone to a lot of rashes from heat rashes to nappy rash, etc on their body. And sometimes it’s a reaction to something you mayhave used on them.  The milk of magnesia is good for clearing heat rashes on their bodies. I’ve tried it and it works great.  You apply it on the area with the rash after shaking it andallow it to dry. It also has a soothing effect on the baby. If you haven’t got one,  then go grab yours.
  3. Gripe water: Babies can pass gas! Especially if they are constantly breastfeeding. Gripe water can help reduce the gas and ease them of the discomfort when he/she wants to poop. I recommend Auntie Mary’s Baby Gripe water it can really come in handy.
  4. Paracetamol syrup: High body temperature in a baby can be a very worrying thing if you’re a new mother. Aside from the pain in seeing your baby sick, that’s the end of your little sleep. Especially after the immunizations. One thing an experienced mother taught me was to give the paracetamol syrup right before Leaving the house for the weighing clinic. It helps prevent the fever and I must say I felt blessed to have had that information because it worked!

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Enjoy motherhood to the fullest!


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