Creative ways to increase physical activity without monetary cost.

Physical inactivity comes at a high cost in the form of increased risk to obesity, high blood pressure leading to heart diseases, bloating, etc. Although more people are aware of this fact, engaging in physical activity has still become a burden due to the cost attached to registering at a gym to exercise regularly or finding the time to do it.

Well if the former is your worry then don’t stress and read on for some creative ways you can exercise without paying any money.

1. Take a stroll : Adopt the habit of strolling through your neighbourhood a number of times a week. Make it a family time and engage your family too. It’ll be a nice opportunity to bond and prevent illness at the same time and all at a zero financial cost.

2. Use your home as a private gym: Do sit ups on your bedroom or sitting room floor.

3. Do squats around the house while you cook, clean and go about your normal life routine.

4. Do you know how to dance? Get your music playing and dance till your clothes are soaken with sweat.

5. At work, try parking your car a few blocks away from the office and walk there. For those who use commercial cars you can alight a few stops away from your work so you walk there.

6. Choose the stairs always. Wherever you may find yourself, choose to climb the stairs rather than use the elevaor.

Want to try? It’ll be great if you do.

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