Why family health history is the most important history you need to learn.

We all come from somewhere, we all come from someone and we are all connected to others somehow. The connection of family spreads through all areas of our lives especially our health. We often ask questions about family and our told stories about our family history and our ancestry but one family history we fail to ask about or do not know to ask about is our family health history.

The family health history is the medical history of 3 generations of family members who are blood related. This history is recorded and contains information on parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings and children. Knowing the family health history can impact your health positively and this is why.

  1. By having a record of your family health history, you are able to understand better with the help of your healthcare professionals the disease conditions that you are at risk of having. Examples are hypertension and diabetes.
  2. Knowing your family health history also gives you an opportunity to review your lifestyle and choices when you identify the conditions that you are at risk of having. Example: When you identify from the FHH that hypertension runs in the family, you can make a conscious effort reduce your salt intake, maintain a healthy weight, reduce your level of stress, etc. You are able to take precautions to avoid these health conditions.
  3. A good family health history record also gives your doctor a better understanding of your condition and what may be causing it.
  4. Family health history records also allows you and your family to review yourselves, your environment and lifestyles that may be exposing the family to the conditions.

Take the chance and have a talk with your family on their health history, record them and let’s see what you come up with. This history could be life saving for you….

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