You only get two: these practices hurt your eyes.

Our eyes are two of the most important parts of our body that cannot be played with or taken for granted. Healthy eyes are an asset you should not compromise because it does not only make you see the beauty in the world, but adds to your physical presence as a person.

But sometimes, not knowing the effect of what you are doing can cause you to negatively affect the quality of health of your God-given eyes. In this post, you can learn about some common practices you may not know but have been affecting your eyes….

  • Eating unhealthy foods: Have you heard of the saying; “you are what you eat?” well, its true. Eating unhealthy foods, like high cholesterol diets can have negative impact on your eyes indirectly. High cholesterol diets promote weight gain and obesity is a risk factor for conditions like hypertension and diabetes which can lead to eye conditions like glaucoma or diabetic eye disease. It is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients like fruits and vegetables for a healthy set of eyes.
  • Smoking: People who smoke are at a risk of the dry eye syndrome, cataract, and glaucoma. Smoking hurts your eyes in many ways that can lead to vision loss later in life. Also secondary smokers (people who live with or stay with others while they smoke and inhale the smoke) are also at risk. Smoking does not only hurt your eyes but other parts of your body including lungs and heart.
  • Not getting enough sleep: Sleep is good. Sleep relaxes the whole body including your eyes. It is healthy for an adult to get at least 7- 9 hours of sleep everyday. Sleeping less continuously puts pressure on your eyes and affects its quality of health. Some effects of sleeplessness are eye strain, dryness and eye irritation.
  • Not wearing sunglasses: Sunglasses are seen by many to be just an accessory to look good. Although this may be true, its health benefit cannot be over emphasized. Wearing of sunglasses should be a must especially in Africa where there is a lot of sunny days. Protecting your eyes against the sun with glasses is not only cool but smart. Sun rays are not only known for affecting the skin, but are also known for affecting the eyes. So what do you say? The next time you have to step into the sun, make sure you are looking cool and protected with your sunglasses.

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