For healthy eyes; Learn these quick tips for buying sunglasses.

Buying sunglasses can be a challenge especially if you have really cool looking ones right in front of you. To make your choice easy and right for your eyes, let’s learn what the American Academy of Ophthalmology had to say.

1. Look for a 100 percent UV protection : Wearing sunglasses is one thing and protecting your eyes is another. I believe the latter should be our focus for buying these glasses. The next time you want to purchase sunglasses, look for a sticker, label, or an inscription that says 100 percent UV protection. That’s the one!

2. Dark doesn’t matter : How dark the glasses is doesn’t really matter. It may only darken your vision but not protect the eyes if UV protection is not adequate.

3. Go for big! : Always buy big sunglasses. They give more coverage to the eyes and blocks the sun rays from all sides. Why buy small if it will leave some parts of the eye unprotected?

4. You like colour? : Colourful sunglasses don’t protect the eyes against the sun. They offer contrast.

5. Thinking about cost? : We’ll don’t think too much about getting expensive sunglasses. You can get UV protection from less expensive glasses. It’s all about choice. Protection first.

Now you’re ready to go get yourself sunglasses that really protects your eyes.

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