How to stay hydrated in the cold weather and why its necessary.

How many times have you drunk water today? …..I’m guessing once or twice.  But on a hot and sunny day you would have drunk water like 5 to 6 times by now.

I know how you feel. The weather is cold and you don’t really feel thirsty.  But you still need to drink water. Here’s why…

Even though you’re not sweating which I love, you may be experiencing more urination than usual. You see, there are different ways the body loses fluid and one of them is through sweat. The other is through urination. By peeing more,  you are losing fluid which should be replaced through hydration. Now that you know why, let’s learn how.

Water becomes less appealing to most people during cold weather. But you can change that and get hydrated through these tips;

  • Carry water to work. By taking your own water to work, you are constantly reminded of it and you are more likely to drink than if you had to go and buy.
  • Put lemons in the water.You can add flavour to your water by putting lemons in them. This changes the taste and makes it more appealing to drink.
  • Squeeze some fruits.  Fruits like oranges, pineapple, water melon, coconut all have huge water content. You can drink these alternatively and you will still stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Take in sips: Taking in gulps of water might be difficult, so why don’t you take in small sips regularly?

Dehydration can have serious consequences on your health.  Let’s stay hydrated in this beautiful season.

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