Try these 5 tips and enjoy better health for your eyes.


1. Know your family health history : I have already explained the importance of knowing your family health history.  (Please go back and read it). There are some eye conditions like glaucoma, that are hereditary. By knowing your family’s health history, you will be able to take the necessary steps to avoid it or diagnose it early after screening.

2. Go for a comprehensive eye screening: Until you get your eye screened, you can not be completely certain about how healthy your eyes are. Some eye conditions like glaucoma do not show early symptoms until later when it progresses.  Go get your eye screened .IMG-20170801-WA0007

3. Eat healthy: Healthy eating leads to a healthy body. Eat lotsof fruits and vegetables. Especially foods rich in vitamin A like carrots, and other orange colours foods. Also green leafy vegetables and salmon are also good for healthy eyes. In all, eat a balanced diet always.

4. Get protective eye wear: Depending on your job and activities you are exposed to,  like mining , welding, and some sporting activities. Wearing the right protective eye wear can keep your eyes from any damage.

5. Observe regular handwashing: washing your hads reularly can help maintain healthy eyes especially if you rub your eyes frequently. Rubbing and touching your eyes with unclean hands can introduce dirt and infections to your eyes. Always keep clean hands by washing them frequently.

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