How to protect yourself from common cold.

Protect yourself from Common cold

Ghana is generally cold this time of the year. This means the amount of people experiencing common cold has also increased. But you can follow these tips to reduce your risk of catching a cold.

1. Wash your hands regularly:  Practice regular handwashing with soap under running water. Washing your hands reduces your chance of getting the cold because the virus doesn’t stay on your hands.

2. Avoid sharing some personal objects: Don’t share things like cups and towels with others especially if they have cold.

3. Cover up: Try wearing clothes that do not expose you too much especially your chest area. Add a scarf, or wear a jacket in the morning so that you can easily remove them later when you feel warm.

4. Use a hand sanitizer : Carry with you a hand sanitizer for when you cannot wash your hands. Use it frequently.

5. Avoid shaking hands and hugging people with cold: Cold is contagious so staying a distance between yourself and someone with cold is a smart and healthy thing to do.

6. Stop touching your eyes and nose: Touching your eyes and nose with unwashed hands could introduce the rhino virus  (causes cold) into your system. Don’t do it.

7. Stay healthy : A compromised immune system increases your risk of getting cold. It is important to eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and stay healthy for a strong immune system.


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