5 respiratory etiquettes that can stop the spread of Colds and flu.

Etiquettes are accepted polite behaviours that everyone is expected to know. But there are some etiquettes that are not quiet understood or known by people which results in the spread of infections among people.

These 5 respiratory etiquettes can prevent the spread of colds and flu for a healthy nation.

1. Good hand hygiene: Hygiene is a friend of health. Keeping your hands clean and free from germs is a great way to protect yourself and others from infections. Always wash your hands with soap and water.

Keep your hands away from your eyes and nose. You may carry infections to them or from them.

2. Cover your mouth when coughing /sneezing: It is not polite and it is unhealthy to cough or sneeze on  others. Always carry a handkerchief or tissue paper with you, especially if you are experiencing cold. Cough/sneeze by covering your mouth to avoid the spread of infections.

If there is no tissue, you can use the inside of your elbow to coveryour mouth.

3. Use Disposable tissues: It is more healthy to use disposable tissues when having cold than to use a handkerchief.

4. Dispose off used tissue: After sneezing, blowing your nose, or coughing,  there are infectious particles that are deposited in the tissue or handkerchief.  By putting them in your bag, pocket, purse, etc you are contaminating the place. Anytime you put in your hand, you carry these particles unto surfaces as you touch them, and also to people. Properly dispose these used tissues soon as possible  to prevent a spread.

5. Carry a hand sanitizer: Get yourself a hand sanitizer to clean your hands where there is no water and soap. Always carry one in your purse or bag.

Let’s stop the spread of infections!



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