Real Sickle Stories; Let’s make sickle cell a part of the conversation.



My name is Beauty, I am AS which makes me a carrier. I got to know when I was at the training college, but I did not believe it so when I got admission to the university as part of the requirements I did it again and it was confirmed. I traveled to London and over there also I did a series of test and it showed up again.
Then surprisingly, all the nice guys that came my way, were all AS too. It became a fight between my GP (doctor) and I, he didn’t want me to get married to a carrier. I listened to him. Now I can say that God through that man saved me from wahala. I finally got married to a man who is AA and four out of my five children are all AS. I have not checked that of my last boy but am praying that he would be negative.

Stories like that of Beauty’s have ended otherwise because both partners did not find out their sickle cell status. And for those who do, they find it difficult to listen to the advice of their healthcare givers to end such relationships.
Do not take risky chances with the health and life of your future children. Adopt the KSS approach to prevent your child from sickle cell. It’s a choice, make the right one!


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