Show a little bit of Red: Will it be a lipstick or a tie for the sickle cell awareness month of September.


September is Sickle cell awareness month. Take advantage of this to learn more about the commonest genetic disorder in Ghana.

Do you know why Red is the colour for sickle cell awareness? 

Red is the colour of blood and love. These two are what sickle persons need the most.

Blood because they suffer from a blood disorder. The haemoglobin cells which makes our blood red has a normal life span of 90 – 120 days. But the haemoglobin cells of the sickle cell person lasts for 10 – 20 days less than that of the normal cells. Because of this frequent breakdown of their cells, sickle cell persons experience anaemia often and most times have to undergo blood transfusion.

The sensitive nature of this condition and the people who have it makes showing then love and care life saving. Sickle cell brings a lot of pain with it during its crisis episodes.  Showing love is one way of making life easier for them.

Show some love…

Show support….

Wear red lipstick or tie this month and take a picture. Tag thekssproject on Instagram. Or on your social media sites with the #Redforsicklecellawareness

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