Think you are cut out from getting HIV? Take this quiz


The existence and risk of HIV infection is still blur for many people who believe that they will never be infected. Although such a belief is necessary by faith, it is more prudent to take the necessary steps and make the concious effort to protect yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

This quiz is just to help you understand and know how your habits are either protecting you or exposing you to the HIV infection.

Take the Quiz

1. Do you have sex or have you  had sex with a new partner without both of you testing and knowing your HIV status?

2. Do you have more than one sex partners?

3. If you are not married but engage in sexual practice, are you inconsistent with your condom use?

4. Do you engage in sex with commercial sex workers? Or Are you a commercial sex worker?

5. Do you engage sex between two men?

6. Do you or have you engaged in sex with an ex-partner without testing and knowing their HIV status?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be putting yourself at risk of becoming infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Habits like the ones listed above increases a person’s risk for HIV and should be avoided. Always know the HIV status of a person before having sex with them.

It may seem unreal until it becomes your reality. Being careless with your knowledge of your partner’s HIV status is not an act of love and trust  but a risk of death. Protect each other by testing to know your status.

HIV is real, stay protected , love life, protect each other






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