Is this rabies? Know the signs and symptoms of rabies in dogs and humans.

Don’t miss them!

A dog with rabies has these symptoms. 
1. Bites without any provocation
2. Eats abnormal items such as sticks, nails, faeces, etc.
3. Runs for no apparent reason
4. When there is a change in sound e.g. hoarse barking and
growling or inability to make a sound.  5.  Excessive salivation or foaming at the angles of the mouth – but not hydrophobia (fear of water).


Signs and symptoms of rabies in humans.

1.  Pain or itching at the site of the bite wound (in 80% of cases)
2. Fever, malaise, headache lasting for 2–4 days.
3. Hydrophobia (fear of water)
4. Intolerance to noise, bright light or air
5. Fear of impending death
6. Anger, irritability and depression
7. hyperactivity
8. At a later stage the mere sight of water may provoke spasms in the neck and throat
9. The duration of illness is usually 2–3 days, but might stretch to 5–6 days or more when receiving.

Don’t wait for these signs and symptoms to show. Vaccinate your dogs and cats.  Seek help immediately from a health facility after a dog bite.


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