It is time for medical ID use in Ghana :Lets Save our lives.

I have come across so many  chronically ill patients especially diabetics who almost lost their lives or for the very unfortunate ones, lose their lives all because of situations that could have been easily prevented.

20171117_174648“One of such instances was a 42 year old male who was rushed to the Emergency department one morning by the Police in an unconscious state.

According to the police, the patient  was a driver caught in a traffic jam. As they waited the patient’s car started moving, causing the other cars in front of him to also knock on each other. The traffic police then identified the cause of the accidents and noticed that the patient had placed his head on his steering wheel and his leg pressed on the accelerator. He was unconscious.

They pulled him out of the car and poured water on him (a common but wrong practice in Ghana ). When he wouldn’t wake up they put him in another car and drove him to the ED.

Upon arrival, patients blood sugar was checked at the triage and recorded 1.4 mmol/l signifying that he was in a hyooglycaemic state (low blood sugar ). Client was given 50mls of 50% Dextrose after an IV access was secured. The patient immediately regained consciousness and was able to tell us that he was a diabetic. This was actually the second time he has encountered hypoglycaemia. ”

Why the need for Medical IDs

1. Medical IDs save lives: People like this patient have lost their lives because the first responders did not know to do the right thing. But with the introduction and proper education and awareness creation about medical IDs, first responders like strangers, EMTs, Police, etc will be able to know what to do to save the lives of those in need.

2. Minimise delay in treatment:

Having a medical ID can alert the healthcare givers to treat you promptly with little or no delays.

3. Help reduce healthcare costs: Wearing of medical IDs have the potential to reduce admissions, unecessary laboratory investigations, prevent minor emergencies from becoming serious. All these can impact positively on healthcare cost reduction for both individuals and the government as a whole.

There are many other medical conditions like asthma, hypertension, allergies, etc that needs to be known in the state of emergency.

Let’s advocate for the use of medical ID use.



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