Hi, I am Priscilla O and I’m here to guide you to your optimum health.

I have a passion for preventing disease and promoting health. I birthed this passion after years of being a nurse and caring for people who practically have to fight for their lives because of ill health which mostly occur due to lack of quality health education and/or the presence of misleading information from unqualified sources.

I started my health blogging after a decision to be the change I want to see by educating the public on healthy living, medical conditions and their management, discussing pertinent issues in health which are overlooked. The page now has over 1170 followers.

I  am now a Health education and promotion specialist  with a Masters in public health and that shows my commitment in making sure you reach your best health.

It’s a personal journey for me, to promote your health by giving you the right, accurate and timely information to enable you make informed decisions.

Raising Health is just as the name says, to raise health standards among individuals, the nation and globally through education. After all Nelson Mandela said “Education is the only tool with which you can change the world. This is how I choose to change the world, helping you to have a longer, healthier, happier life.